Trip Planning, Tickets & Validations: The Modeshift Public Transit Mobile App

Trip Planning, Tickets & Validations: The Modeshift Public Transit Mobile App

Mobile ticketing apps? We’ve seen them all – those that give you only one payment option, those that crash right when you need them, and those that work but are not fun to use. For a technology so advanced and so important to modern-day living, it’s baffling that mobile ticketing has seen so many failed public transit mobile apps. When we started working on Modeshift’s transit mobile app, we knew exactly what we didn’t want to build. That made the whole process and the end product something that mobile ticketing should be in the first place – simple, easy and useful. Curious to learn the details? Read on!

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Modeshift’s public transit mobile app is an all-in-one solution

Modeshift Public Transit Mobile App

The Modeshift public transit mobile application is part of the Modeshift account-based fare collection system. This robust, cloud-based system makes running transit businesses of all sizes – both agencies and private companies, easier. The mobile app is offered as part of the SaaS model on which we operate, and is customizable – as we know every agency has its own branding that needs to shine.

One of the first realizations that we had when we started working on our public transit mobile app was that the whole process of traveling from A to B should be accommodated in a single app. Riders are in a hurry – the last thing they needed was to scramble between different apps for planning, buying a ticket, and validations. What’s more, we found that riders were driven away from the whole idea of mobile ticketing if they didn’t have it all neatly packaged in a single app. So we made sure we incorporated these steps into one single, smooth user experience they could rely on at any moment during their day. 

We also made sure it works on the two most used types of operating systems and created dedicated iPhone and Android apps that are constantly updated.

Trip Planning

Modeshift Public Transit Mobile App: real time information

Most trips begin with a planning stage. If riders don’t know what’s the best route to their destination or which busses pass near them, they can specify their location and desired destination to get a recommendation – fastest route, cheapest route, no transfers, and others. If they know exactly where there are going and how to get there, they can use the Modeshift mobile app to get information about arrival times so they can plan their day better and forget about waiting at bus shelters. The mobile app relies on robust RTPI (Real-Time Passenger Information) software that supplies data in GTFS and GTFS-RT formats. 

Ticket Purchases & E-wallet

Modeshift Public Transit Mobile App: buying tickets

Once riders find the information they need, they will proceed to make sure they have all the necessary travel documents. The good news is that they don’t need anything else than what’s already in their hands – their smartphone and the Modeshift app. 

We built the whole Modeshift system in the most secure environment – Microsoft Azure. What’s more, we made sure that all payments made within the mobile app are PCI/DSS-compliant, and support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and bank cards (more to come!).

To use the ticket purchase functionality, riders need to log in to their account, choose the tickets or passes they need, and choose their preferred method of payment. Once bought, travel documents are securely stored in their e-wallet and can be used when traveling. 

If riders have purchased tickets or passes from a transit center or reseller, they can still access them via the mobile app after logging in (provided they have used the same email address for all purchases). This is possible due to the robust account-based fare collection system offered by Modeshift!


Modeshift Public Transit Mobile App: validations

The last part of the equation is validating the purchased travel documents on board the public transit vehicle. To validate, riders select the travel document they need and scan its QR code at the onboard validator’s camera. This activates the document for the trip. If there is no validator on board, riders can manually activate it within the app. 

If a transit inspector needs to check the travel document, they simply scan the QR code.

Favorites & History

Modeshift Public Transit Mobile App: favorites

Riders that travel often along the same route will find the Favorites functionality a great way to save even more precious time. They can save their most-used addresses and bring them up with a single tap. 

The app also provides a history of all the travel documents. This can be helpful for managing and optimizing travel expenses.

Why public transit mobile app design matters

In a world where everything is overcomplicated, we chose simplicity. We designed to provide a seamless flow that helps riders get from A to B without giving it a second thought. We designed the Modeshift public transit mobile app to be a part of riders’ everyday lives, a no-brainer. Each part of the app fits perfectly in the transit paradigm and adds value beyond its mere function – saving time and effort on a daily basis. 

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The Modeshift mobile app is customizable, so each transit agency can let its branding shine within this indispensable ticketing tool.

Modeshift’s public transit mobile app is MaaS-ready

Modeshift’ mobile application can be integrated easily and securely with all available mobility services that are based on REST APIs. This means that it can serve as a hub for all things urban mobility – trip planning, ticket purchase, and validations across the whole network of mobility options a city has to offer. 

To wrap it up…

Well, we already did it – we wrapped everything riders need in one convenient package. Contact us today so we can talk about the many ways in which Modeshift can help your transit business thrive!