Slobozia, Romania: an integrated solution to revamp the existing transportation system quickly and with limited resources
sq. km.

The town of Slobozia, Romania, has a population of over 45 000 people. The main challenge in front of their local transit authorities was to revamp the existing transportation system quickly and with limited resources – both in terms of budget and expertise. Over 70% of the population of the town were not happy with the existing system which put pressure on the mayor himself to act fast. This required an integrated solution that would be easy to deploy without having to increase staff or invest in new equipment.

The Modeshift Fare Collection Solution

With the Modeshift Fare Collection, Slobozia found the right ally to fix the current transportation system and improve the citizens’ satisfaction. The already developed software and hardware solutions were optimized to fit the town’s needs, thus enabling the new fare system to be deployed in just a few months. Since the equipment is part of the MaaS model of the solution, and no new staff was needed, the low budget wasn’t an obstacle. The existing staff were quickly introduced to the intuitive new system by the Modeshift team. 

One team handles it all

Another advantage of Modeshift Fare Collection in this case was the fact that the whole operation was handled by a single team. Fare Collection, CAD/AVL and equipment in vehicles are all installed by Modeshift, and the local team didn’t have to manage multiple suppliers which proved to be crucial for decision-makers.

Apart from the short time that was needed for the solution to be deployed, Modeshift offered extensive guidance that goes beyond the scope of the project, helping local authorities take full advantage of the pay-as-you-go model.

We received all the systems from a single provider. Ticketing, CAD/AVL, and all equipment in vehicles is installed by one company and we do not have to manage multiple suppliers.

Adrian Mocioniu, Mayor