Sinaia, Romania: a solution to declining ridership and customer satisfaction

Sinaia, Romania has a population of only 15 000 people but is visited every year by over 200 000 tourists, both Romanian citizens and foreigners, who are attracted to the beautiful authentic fortress and breathtaking mountain views.

The municipal authorities had a vision for the city and wanted to take mobility and tourism to the next level. That included laying a solid foundation for upcoming innovations and development. They entrusted Modeshift with the task to revamp the existing transit system and provide a user-friendly solution that can later be integrated with other services for citizens and tourists, like bike sharing, digital parking, museum admission, telegondola lift, etc.

The Modeshift Fare Collection Solution

Modeshift Fare Collection was a great fit for Sinaia because it provided a variety of new, yet simple ways to use city transit. Vending machines, kiosks, onboard validators, and a web portal are part of the new ticketing system. The user-friendly and intuitive mobile application makes purchasing fares and validating them onboard extremely accessible. The diverse authorization methods that were introduced (smart cards, QR codes, NFC, mobile ticketing, and smart bracelets) were embraced from the get-go because of their simplicity and high level of security. Riders are also incentivized to use Modeshift Fare Collection because of the integrated route planning and schedule features. The real-time analytics and reporting portal help local authorities reduce high-risk operations and optimize the time needed for data-driven decisions. 

Happy riders = more riders

The new mobile ticketing system increased ridership from day one. Eleven new hybrid buses (the very first of their kind in Romania) were introduced and fully equipped to accommodate the upgrade. Riders were eager to try the modern solution which provided guidance on each step of the process – from choosing the type of fare to validation and route planning. Naturally, rider satisfaction increased.