Braila, Romania: a solution to reuse the old public transportation system & create a seamless experience for users

Braila, Romania, has a population of more than 180,000 citizens. During the past few years, Braila has invested in modernization efforts aimed at creating a more livable city, with one of these efforts being the introduction of a smart public transit management system. Modeshift stepped in to provide a solution to reuse the old validators available in the public transportation vehicles and create a seamless experience for users. The city was also facing budget limitations and Braicar, the local transit agency, needed a quick solution that didn’t require any IT expertise, data centers, servers, and new staff.

Modeshift Fare Collection Solution

Modeshift Fare Collection proved to be the right fit for Braila thanks to its agility. As the city needed to invest in both AVL/RTPI and Automatic Fare Collection, our team created a plan to integrate the full package of the MaaS solution during a few phases, thus ensuring a seamless transition for transit agency staff, drivers and riders. The migration between the old, media-based system to a modern account-based system was done reusing the existing validators in the vehicles, thus reducing the cost of the project to fit into the city’s tight budget.

Seamless, budget-friendly and reliable

Modeshift Fare Collection was successfully implemented in just a few months, and ongoing upgrades and updates have been seamlessly implemented to improve the system. This resulted in several thousand app users and thousands of happy riders using the real time passenger information online and the info panels at bus stations. 

The as-a-service approach makes it feasible for us to implement this modern solution with all the limitations of our budget and the fees we pay are largely covered by the revenue increase and cost savings that we achieved as a result of using the system.

Dipl. Eng. Cornel Sandulescu, General Manager