Ticket Validations

A system that makes boarding and validation a breeze

With Modeshift’s account-based ticketing system, validation is easy and quick. No matter what type of validation riders choose, they will not spend more than a second validating. Electronic (contactless), visual inspection, safety and speed is our top priority when it comes to getting people on board.

What is ticket validation?

Ticket validation is the process of proving that a rider’s travel documentation is valid. With account-based fare collection, there are several ways to do this. In most cases, riders need to show a unique QR code that has been created by their mobile app/printed on their ticket, or use their smart card.

How to validate tickets?

Account-based fare collection makes validation very easy:

Riders can validate tickets via an electronic validator:

our preferred method of validation, this is a small piece of equipment that can be installed at various points in the public transit vehicle. When a passenger boards, they tap or scan their travel documentation at the validator. It signals the driver that the passenger has valid documentation (or warns them that their document is invalid). Electronic validators usually have a smart card reader and/or a QR code scanner.

Riders can validate tickets via visual inspection:

this is when the driver takes a look at the travel document of each ride. In case they are using mobile ticketing, riders need to activate their fare before boarding and prove that their fare is valid by completing an action (swiping or touching the screen).

Where can I see my validated tickets?

If riders need to access their used tickets, they can do so in their personal account – via a web browser or inside the Modeshift mobile ticketing app. Unused tickets are stored inside the wallet, while used fares are stored in your account history. With Modeshift’s Account-based Fare Collection product, ticket validations are recorded and transmitted to the cloud in real time.

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