Modeshift Real-time Passenger Information

Being right on time is possible

Gone are the days when riders had to wait at bus shelters not knowing when the next vehicle will arrive, if at all. Now they have all the information they need to plan their trip from A to B (even via C and D) - on their phone, at bus shelters, inside the vehicles themselves. All thanks to Modeshift’s reliable Real-time Passenger Information system.

What are the benefits for the agency?

  • RTPI is an indispensable tool for busy people who value their time. With the transit mobile app, they can plan their trip and see when the next vehicle will arrive at the bus shelter so they won’t need to wait.
  • RTPI not only gives insights into arrival times, but also about estimated times of arrival at any set point on the journey. This is done thanks to the robust AVL system, part of the Modeshift back end.
  • Transit agencies decide where and how they will provide their riders with timely information and schedules: data is supplied in a GTFS and GTFS-RT data and can be used across multiple applications, public displays, etc.

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