Modeshift Analytics:

monitor transit performance in real time

How important is reporting to you?

To us, it’s of paramount importance - for innovation, optimization, education. This is why we built an Analytics system that spans across the whole Modeshift suite of tools, giving our customers an overview of their business that no other reporting suite does - sales, passengers, trips, drivers, locations… A holistic approach to running a transit business that uses data to make informed decisions. Every day.

What makes Modeshift Analytics better?

  • It’s built-in, which means there will be no discrepancies between different data layers (a problem that often occurs if you use separate providers for different parts of your business)
  • It’s easy to navigate, which means everyone with access can take advantage of the insights to do their job better, more quickly
  • It’s customizable, which means it can be used to create detailed reports about… well, about anything transit

What can you do with Modeshift Analytics

  • Give access to multiple users, with the option to assign different levels of access to each user
  • Navigate quickly between predefined reports and create your own. The reporting interface is intuitive and saves time that can be invested in analysis and optimizations.
  • Search your reporting database by a vast selection of variables
  • Export to Excel. When you’re ready with your report click Export and just send it where it belongs. It’s that easy

Take a look at just a few of the reports you have access to in a click:

  • Vehicle data: historical GPS data for every vehicle in your network, live bus tracking (basic and detailed overview of each vehicle’s trips)
  • Sales data: sales by location, fare type, payment, daily sales reports and more
  • Validation data: validations by route, account, fare type, validation failures and more

Boarding Heat Map Analysis

  • Discover ridership patterns for effortless optimizations in real time. The Heat Map Analysis is an out-of-the-box feature of the Modeshift system - ready to be used in your agency's quest to deliver better service, always.

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