The public transit mobile ticketing that does it all, by Modeshift

Route planning, ticket wallet, validation & real-time information

Travelling across town has never been easier - the only thing riders need is our public transit mobile app and their account. We’ve created a streamlined experience that easily becomes a part of a rider's daily routine. Plan, buy a ticket, validate. A simple and secure process, no fluff to waste their time. Did we mention it’s fully customizable to your agency’s branding?

What is mobile ticketing?

Mobile ticketing is a process with which riders can select, pay for and validate their public transit fares using only their smartphone. The process takes place via special mobile applications.

With the help of these apps, transit agencies can implement account-based fare collection, various types of fares and many useful functionalities. They can also monitor better the processes and gather valuable reports which can then be used for system optimizations. Mobile ticketing is an easy way to replace the need for paper tickets!

How does mobile ticketing work?

To be able to use mobile ticketing, riders must download and install a mobile ticketing app on their smartphone. With Modeshift’s mobile application, they can explore and create a route for their trip, see the arrival times of the vehicles, purchase and validate the necessary fares.

What is the process of using mobile ticketing?

To purchase fares, riders need to create (or sync) an account and add their credentials – email, name, creadit or debit card, etc. All purchased fares are stored in an in-app wallet and can be used for validations across the public transit system via scanning or visual inspection.

Features of mobile tickets


Depending on the specific public transit system, fare policies vary. With mobile ticketing, fare collection is simplified and every transit agency can introduce and experiment with different fare strategies.


If mobile ticketing is integrated with account-based fare collection, fares are stored safely within the account of each rider. If they lose their phone or need to reinstall the app, they can easily retrieve their fares by logging into their account.

Easy to use

Mobile tickets are extremely easy to use – simply scan the QR code of the ticket at the validator or show the active ticket to the inspector.

What are the benefits for the agency?

  • Our mobile ticketing application is free with a subscription to Modeshift Fare Collection
  • The mobile app can be easily tailored to the needs of any agency - small or big
  • Supports electronic and visual inspection
  • Our mobile ticketing app is customizable so your agency’s branding can shine
  • Mobile ticketing is a free fare media. People use their own phones and the app as a travel document!
  • High level of security: Modeshift Fare Collection is based on the most secure platform available (MS Azure) so data is protected; payments are PCI-compliant
  • The mobile app is constantly undergoing improvements and upgrades (all included)
  • MaaS-ready: the transit app can be integrated in a MaaS ecosystem

What are the benefits for the riders?

One public transit app combines everything transit:
no need to download and use several apps for planning, buying tickets and validating

Ticket validation is a quick and intuitive process:
just scan the QR code of your ticket/pass and you’re good to go

Real-time information:
planning a trip is a breeze with a tool that not only lets riders find the best route, but also get information about vehicle arrival and departure times, transfers and more

Mobile ticketing is contactless and hygienic, and provides a way to avoid touching money and equipment

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