Electronic Fare Validator and Ticket Vending Machines

For A Smart Public Transit System

Modeshift Fare Collection is hardware-agnostic, which means it can work with most types of validators currently in use. If your agency needs to upgrade the available public transit hardware, though, we’re here to help and supply what’s needed for the best customer experience and fare collection ratio.

What is an electronic ticket machine?

Electronic ticket machines are used for the purchase (and sometimes validation) of fares in public transit systems. They are unmanned and can save resources for the transit agency by reducing the staffing needs. They are also a great alternative to ticket windows as they can operate 24/7.

How do ticket vending machines work?

Ticket vending machines operate just like any other vending machine – riders select from a number of fare options, choose their payment method and get their ticket. This ticket can be used whenever they choose to, or it can become active during the sale for a specified amount of time/inside a specific vehicle (when the ticket vending machine is installed inside a vehicle).

Payment methods

Ticket vending machines have evolved, and the newest models offer all available payment methods – from cash to credit and debit cards, even NFC payments.

Advantages and disadvantages of ticket vending machines

The main advantage of ticket vending machines is that they are easily available and accessible to riders (can be installed literally everywhere), and they cut the need for dedicated agency staff. They work 24/7 to serve riders and are a great opportunity to bridge the gap between traditional fare sales methods and modern ones.
The main disadvantage is that ticket vending machines break down easily and can become an object of vandalism. They need constant maintenance and costly repairs that can add up quickly to the initial purchase cost and make them an expensive and difficult to replace option.

Revolutionizing the use of cash

We recognize the need to have cash options available to riders. Our solution: a tablet with user-friendly software integrated with a standard Diamond farebox.

The Diamond farebox is a combination of cash register and tablet that allows both rider and driver to operate it easily. What's more, farebox sales and ridership can be integrated into our standard reporting dashboard.

  • A simple, user-friendly Android POS device
  • Two displays: for driver and rider
  • Thermal printer for QR tickets or receipts
  • UX with different fare types
  • Allows account reloading
  • Change & other functionalities

To address the challenges of the modern public transportation agencies, we created a system that can cut the need for both dedicated staff AND ticket vending machines – the account-based fare collection system at the heart of Modeshift. It offers riders the flexibility to use their smartphone to purchase fares which are then available inside the mobile ticketing app or their smart card.

If they prefer cash – our POS system allows them to fuel their accounts with cash payments at any authorized partner of the transit agency. Validations are easy with onboard validators that can scan both the mobile app-generated QR codes and the smart cards in the blink of an eye, reducing dwell time.


Modeshift’s account-based fare collection system works with a variety of validators. The mobile ticketing system creates dynamic QR codes for each fare and all that riders must do is scan this QR code at the validator onboard the vehicle.

Paper tickets are also validated via their unique QR code. If riders prefer smart cards, they simply need to wave their card over the smart card reader of the validator. Validators can be set to notify riders and drivers about the status of the validation via sound and screen color.

Our Transit Hardware Solutions

Modeshift Fare Collection uses standard equipment – no proprietary devices. Even though we are flexible and the system does not rely on specific hardware, we recommend a few specific types of equipment with which we’ve had an excellent experience.

Already have the hardware?

We can make Modeshift work on 90% of existing legacy hardware so no need to worry you’ll need to invest in new equipment (unless you want to, that is).

Don’t have the hardware?

We can supply all hardware needed for Modeshift’s operations - from electronic fare validators to ticket vending machines. We work with trusted partners across the globe so that we can offer competitive prices no matter the size of the city.

Customer Service Desk

We know the power of resellers - so we created a tool to help them sell better. Modeshift’s intuitive Customer Service Desk can be integrated with various devices for quick and easy use. Coffee shops, gas stations, bookshops - everyone can be a part of your reseller network and contribute to an ever-increasing ROI.

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