Electronic Fare Validator and Ticket Vending Machines

For A Smart Public Transit System

Modeshift Fare Collection is hardware-agnostic, which means it can work with most types of validators currently in use. If your agency needs to upgrade the available public transit hardware, though, we’re here to help and supply what’s needed for the best customer experience and fare collection ratio.

Already have the hardware?

We can make Modeshift work on 90% of existing legacy hardware so no need to worry you’ll need to invest in new equipment (unless you want to, that is).

Don’t have the hardware?

We can supply all hardware needed for Modeshift’s operations - from electronic fare validators to ticket vending machines. We work with trusted partners across the globe so that we can offer competitive prices no matter the size of the city.


We know the power of resellers - so we created a tool to help them sell better. Modeshift’s intuitive transit kiosk can be integrated with various devices for quick and easy use. Coffee shops, gas stations, bookshops - everyone can be a part of your reseller network and contribute to an ever-increasing ROI.

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