The Swiss Army Knife for Every Modern Transit Agency

Automatic Fare Collection, CAD/AVL, Real-time information, Reports and Back office, all comming out-of-the-box

Account-based Automatic Fare Collection

Account-Based Automatic Fare Collection is a media-agnostic model where all travel documents, trip and validation history are contained within a unique digital account per passenger.

Using only that digital account as a single identification document and proof of entitlement to travel, riders can identify uniquely and securely with every available public service that’s integrated and enabled for Account-based fare collection. Accounts store data about the passenger, subscriptions, validity of their travel documents, etc.

  • Provides full access to feature-rich back office
  • Dashboard with KPIs
  • Fare management, riders accounts, back office admins, reports
  • Real-time monitoring of health status of hardware with notifications
  • Electronic validation using variety of fare validators
  • Smart cards (NFC), QR codes (digital and paper), EMV – pay with a bank card
  • Integrations with other systems

Contactless Open Loop Payments For Public Transit

Modeshift offers a payment solution that can be adopted by riders immediately – a simple payment method they’re already familiar with. This solution is cheaper for the agency than cash handling. It’s also much better suited to the pressing need for data that agencies face today in their quest to provide better service.

This solutions is called cEMV.

  • Contactless payments supported by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Applе Pay and Google Pay
  • Secure transactions
  • PCI-/DSS compliant; EMV Level 1, 2 and 3 certified system
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Fixed and flexible fares based on capping and aggregation
  • Integrated with our account-based ticketing
  • Detailed analytics on transactions, sales, and riders’ flow
  • Self-service portal
  • Service desk
  • Fraud monitoring and prevention
  • Fare-inspection terminals (if required)

Different Modes of Validation

With an account-based fare collection system validation is a breeze - riders can keep the purchased fares stored securely in their accounts and can access them at any time. What's more, Modeshift is media-agnostic which means that the system can use a variety of validation methods depending on the agency's needs. NFC cards, smartphones (contactless mobile ticketing), smart wearables, EMV, traditional paper tickets - it's up to the riders to decide which type they prefer!

  • EMV
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • NFC smart cards
  • Paper tickets
  • Smart wearables

Mobile Ticketing

Most people nowadays already have too many applications installed on their smartphones but actually use just a few.

We decided to combine trip planning and ticket purchases to enable complete, smooth experience: search for the bus, buy your ticket and validate with the same app with as fewer clicks as possible.

We are proud to have one of the most intuitive mobile applications on the market with very positive feedback from users in the cities where it is deployed.

  • Mobile application for iOS and Android devices
  • Ticket purchases supporting all fare modes
  • Electronic validation with QR codes or visual inspection
  • Back office with fare management, riders’ accounts and reports
  • PCI/DSS compliant, supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank cards
  • Automatic updates, Cloud hosting on Microsoft Azure and
  • Support, SLA
  • Third party integrations to enable Mobility as a Service - MaaS

Automatic Vehicle Location

Our CAD/AVL solutions lead to substantial improvements in the administrative efficiency of transit agencies by providing real-time data. We aim to simplify fleet management while including all the necessary functionalities for effective operations:

  • Vehicle location and status
  • On-time performance (OTP)
  • Headways management
  • Live map and GPS playback
  • Schedules, Calendars, Routes, Programs

Real-time Passenger Information

We provide riders with real-time information to enhance their experience.

  • Live vehicle tracking and display on mobile app or web
  • Estimated arrival time and trip duration
  • Bus shelter information
  • GTFS and GTFS-RT
  • Public displays

Electronic Fare Validator and Ticket Vending Machines

We strive to be hardware-agnostic and never stick to a particular device. Our system is built to work on more than 90% of the existing hardware on the market. We have proven experience in reusing legacy hardware like fare validators and ticket vending machines.

Real-time Insights & Analytics

Modeshift generates huge amount of data and keeps you updated. Every event or operation is recorded in real-time and organized in the reporting menu. The system is designed to provide unrestricted access for the administrators to the information.
The system comes with predefined set of reports but is designed to be able to create custom reports based on any specific requirement.
The information can be exported with a single click in CSV file format which allows administrators to use popular software applications like MS Excel or Power Bl for further customizations.

Carbon Emissions Dashboard

CO2 emissions reduction dashboard

Collect real-time data and act to achieve carbon neutrality with the help of all riders. The CO2 dashboard will show the sum of all carbon emissions saved by choosing public transit over personal vehicles.

  • Define your city's sustainability goals:
    → Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 10%
    → Improve social inclusion
  • Measure the current state
  • Implement soft measures that work for your city:
    → Smart urban mobility fare polices combining different services and billing based on citizen behavior. As a result, we can enable Park & Ride, Bike & Ride, MaaS, etc.
    → Fleet & route optimization
    → Gather data and integrate legacy systems
  • Measure the results:
    → We gather data to deliver both detailed analytics and more actionable insights to continue the cycle of improvement.

Customer Service Desk

Modeshift provides a versatile solution to allow any contracted reseller to sell fare products.