On-demand Public Transportation Platform Architecture: September ’22 Update

On-demand Public Transportation Platform Architecture: September ’22 Update

The INNOAIR project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative. 

Modeshift is proud to be a part of INNOAIR. Our central position to the project involves the creation and implementation of an on-demand public transportation platform (ODPTP) which will be carried out by a team of dedicated professionals already dealing with similar projects. 

The INNOAIR project is taking shape! The first e-buses have been delivered, with full-blown testing beginning soon in the areas where the initiative will take place. The new e-buses will be able to navigate easily the narrow inner streets of the neighbourhoods of ‘Manastirski livadi’ and ‘Buxton’ and will serve to help their residents reach the currently hard-to-access main lines of the public transport system.  

Our involvement in the INNOAIR project encompasses the design and implementation of the software architecture of the platform, as well as the deployment of a dedicated mobile application. It has already been submitted to the Google Play Store and the App Store and is awaiting approval. After its approval, the app will be in test mode until the end of 2022. Testers will be able to download the app and submit their feedback. Field tests will also be carried out in the next three months.  

From the beginning of 2023, citizens will be able to download and use the app to access the on-demand service. A unique feature of the platform is that it can operate only within a certain geographic range, making it impossible to submit requests from areas different from the ones set in the parameters.  

The INNOAIR initiative aims to make public transport more accessible and more efficient. With the help of Modeshift’s mobile application, it is set to become part of the daily commute of Sofia’s citizens, improving their living standards and creating a safer, cleaner environment. 

Stay tuned for our next update! 


Ilina Chipilska is a marketing expert with more than 10 years of experience being involved in a wide range of projects. At Modeshift she manages all marketing activities and the company's online presence.