On-demand Public Transportation Platform Architecture: December ’22 Update

On-demand Public Transportation Platform Architecture: December ’22 Update

The INNOAIR project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative. 

Modeshift is proud to be a part of INNOAIR. Our central position to the project involves the creation and implementation of an on-demand public transportation platform (ODPTP) which will be carried out by a team of dedicated professionals already dealing with similar projects. 

In the past three months, we entered one of the most important phases of the project – field testing of the service as well as promoting it to potential riders via an open day.  

After the recent arrival of the green vehicles, the INNOAIR team and Modeshift organized an open day in the Manastirski Livadi neighborhood in Sofia, Bulgaria where the BUSINN service will take off next year. During the event, representatives of the organization placed specially created information boards and refreshments along one of the biggest streets, welcoming people to take a look and ask questions about the service. One of the newly delivered green buses was also on-site to help potential riders get familiar with it. 

A big part of the presentation was dedicated to the app delivered by Modeshift. Its AI-based algorithm will be used to create the best routes depending on the service demanded by riders in real time.  

The event successfully presented the BUSINN service and the app, and even recruited its first testers among the visitors. Their feedback will be used to fine-tune the app and the service as the launch date draws closer. 


Ilina Chipilska is a marketing expert with more than 10 years of experience being involved in a wide range of projects. At Modeshift she manages all marketing activities and the company's online presence.