Automatic Fare Collection For The Modern Motorcoach Company

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We provide modern technology to help motorcoach & shuttle companies increase safety and trustworthiness, eliminate mistakes and delays, and have better control over their revenue.

Become riders’ first and obvious choice: innovate with an all-in-one mobile app

Increase comfort and customer satisfaction. Now it’s easy to implement digital tickets and validation, real-time trip information, baggage tracking, and more – all available in a single mobile application for a seamless experience.

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Eliminate drivers’ mistakes and delays in schedule

Give your drivers and staff the technical tools to eliminate delays in schedule and random mistakes, reducing the risks of cash management. Help them do what they do best – drive safely!

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Have full ticket revenue control and analytics reports

Optimize the system based on real-time insights & save valuable resources

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Want a new transit system in a just a few months?

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