Take A Tour Of The Only 360° Digital Mobility Platform: Modeshift

Take A Tour Of The Only 360° Digital Mobility Platform: Modeshift

We at Modeshift have a very specific vision of how all things transit should be done. We value efficiency, we value customer feedback, we value getting things done. We admit that sometimes it’s not perfect, but it’s a work in progress that has led us to develop a product that combines everything a transit agency needs in one. And we’re committed to making it perfect… Then making it even better. The best way to show you exactly what we mean is to take you on a tour of the Modeshift Mobility Platform – follow along to learn why we believe we’re the best*.

*The final judgment belongs to our customers, of course.

What is Modeshift?

We’ve already stated that it’s everything a transit agency needs. But what exactly is that? And why?

Any modern transit agency, no matter the size of the city it serves, needs tools to manage its fleet, sales, and reports. Currently, many of these tasks are delegated to different 3rd party providers which makes running a transit agency a costly and not very well-coordinated effort. To fix that, we created a full stack of management tools and we’re offering it on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, bringing costs down and taking most of the hard work off of the agency personnel’s shoulders.

Here’s the complete set of tools we offer as part of Modeshift (click to jump to the chosen tool):

Let’s dive in!

Modeshift Account-based Fare collection

Modeshift Fare Collection is a media-agnostic, account-based system that can be adapted to almost any existing fare collection system. This means that our customers don’t have to invest heavily in new software and hardware, we just help them transition from a legacy model to a modern, easy-to-use and manage fare collection.

How does it work? Every passenger can create an account with the system where their information is stored: travel documents, trip and validation history, payment methods, favorite routes and places. Using only that digital account as a single identification document and proof of entitlement to travel, riders can identify uniquely and securely with every available public service that’s integrated and enabled for account-based fare collection.

Modshift Validation Methods

Modeshift offers a variety of validation methods: smart cards (NFC), QR codes (digital and paper), EMV (direct payment with a bank card). Each passenger decides which types work best for them. And since the system is media-agnostic, they can mix & match validation methods using their account. Modeshift also offers options for riders who choose not to create an account.

The system is so easy to use and so flexible, that adoption rates surpassed our wildest dreams – one of our most recent partners reached an 80% adoption rate in just over two weeks!

Modeshift Back Office

Modeshift Fare Collection equips our partners with a powerful back office. It’s intuitive and provides a quick way to take care of the whole system – from setting prices to reports and live monitoring of vehicles. The back office is a daily management tool that makes running a transit agency easy.

Learn more about Modeshift’s account-based fare collection >>

Customizable mobile application

Modeshift Mobile App

Modeshift’s mobile application is created with the rider in mind. It combines trip planning and ticket purchases to enable a complete, smooth experience:

  • search for the bus & save favorite locations for quick access
  • buy & store tickets
  • validate onboard a vehicle

All of this – with as fewer clicks as possible!

We are proud to have one of the most intuitive mobile applications on the market with very positive feedback from users in the cities where it is deployed.

Learn more about Modeshift’s mobile app >>

Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) / Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Modeshift CAD/AVL System

Our team’s primary task when designing Modeshift’s CAD/AVL functionalities was to simplify fleet management processes while providing a tool to monitor and improve efficiency in real time. The result is a complex, yet easy-to-navigate panel that enables transit agencies to optimize the dispatch and supervise their staff for maximum efficiency. The panel includes:

  • Vehicle location and status
  • On-time performance (OTP)
  • Manage headways
  • Live map and GPS playback
  • Schedules, Calendars, Routes, Programs

Learn more about Modeshift’s CAD/AVL system >>

Real-time Passenger Information (RTPI)

Modeshift Real-time Information Dashboard

Modeshift’s RTPI system was crafted to provide riders with all the information they need: estimated time of arrival, trip duration, live vehicle tracking, dynamic route planning and more. This information is readily available in the mobile app, and can be displayed at bus shelters and inside vehicles, too. In this way, riders have everything they need to plan an efficient trip at their fingertips and at all times!

Learn more about Modeshift’s RTPI system >>

Modeshift Fare Collection & Validation Hardware

Our system is built to work on more than 90% of the existing hardware on the market. This means that transit agencies can rest assured that we can reuse legacy equipment like fare validators and ticket vending machines. We created Modeshift to be hardware-agnostic so we can be as flexible as possible when providing custom modern solutions to our customers.

No validators? We can help our partner agencies procure and install validators: a hassle-free process handled almost exclusively by our team.

Learn more about Modeshift’s hardware offering >>


Modeshift Reporting System

The Reporting menu is one of our favorites – it’s the hub where transit professionals can see how Modeshift improves their agency’s efficiency in real time. The system generates huge amounts of data and organizes it neatly in predefined and custom-built reports according to specific needs. We’ve included reports about sales, ridership, fares and more. All reports can be easily exported, presented and analyzed so that the whole organization stays up to date with the processes.

Learn more about Modeshift’s reporting system >>

Modeshift Customer Service Desk

Modeshift Kiosk

We built Modeshift to be as flexible as possible – and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to provide agencies with a module for resellers/distributors. Our Customer Service Desk can be installed anywhere to help resellers at cafes, shops, gas stations, etc. operate the system seamlessly. They can recharge a rider’s account in a matter of seconds!


Modeshift wouldn’t be a modern solution without the ability to be fully integrated with other important transit services. What’s more, the Modeshift Mobility Platform can serve as a MaaS hub, creating a perfectly coordinated ecosystem for other transit operators such as micromobility operators, parking providers, shared mobility operators and more. Modeshift is based on an open-API protocol and our team of experienced developers can make integrations a breeze.

We can’t guarantee that your fare collection ratio will jump to 100%. What we can guarantee is that every process in your agency will be optimized to bring maximum ROI. And you won’t have to jump through hoops to do that. Modeshift Fare Collection is the easiest way to manage one of the most complex city structures – transportation.

Our team has invested thousands of work hours so that you can have it all filling out a simple contact form. That form is below and we will be happy to connect with you as soon as possible!