On-demand Public Transportation Platform Architecture: April ’21 Update

On-demand Public Transportation Platform Architecture: April ’21 Update

The INNOAIR project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

As part of the INNOAIR initiative, Modeshift Europe has been actively developing and improving an innovative on-demand public transportation platform that will help in the transition towards cleaner air and connected green initiatives. We have reached an important milestone – creating the ODPTP architecture. This ensures the smooth progress of the project and its integration with existing systems maintained by Sofia Traffic.

Modeshift Europe’s on-demand public transportation platform (ODPTP) will also serve as a reference document for 3rd-party integrations such as TMaasS and other MaaS platforms which emerge in the cities. The architecture will create greater transparency and co-design all of the major aspects of the INNOAIR project.

Modeshift Europe’s offering for the project is a complex and novel technology that makes calculations and serves data to mobile applications used by riders in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is a demand-responsive scheduling system that relies on machine learning (AI) and advanced analytics capabilities. The platform utilizes data collected from event sources: traffic, air monitoring, demographic and other types, to enable data-driven decisions based on multi-factor, time series analysis. Thus, statistical models can be built to identify the ‘greenest’ route possible, based on the evaluated correlation to air quality.

This modeling is the central element of the architecture and will include:

  • Payments integration: it allows the trip payment to occur via the mobile applications used by the riders
  • Device management: manages the devices that are part of the system – 5 driver devices
  • Notifications and user management: supports the profiles of the riders and sends them notifications
  • Ticketing integration: integration with the Urban Mobility Center’s rates and policies

Modeshift Europe communicates with several APIs so that information from the service can be accessed via the riders’ mobile applications (along with other interested parties). This is supported directly by a Back Office Cockpit. The service also feeds the Distributed Commit Log with data about passenger travel patterns and habits.

The result is a demand-based route calculation algorithm that references data from the ODPTP database. The output is pushed to Modeshift Europe where it is used for the route calculations.

As of April 2021, the foundations of Modeshift Europe’s participation in the initiative have been laid with the creation of the ODPTP architecture. The next steps include finding a reliable data storage provider and launching a fully-fledged demo before becoming operational in January 2022.


Ilina Chipilska is a marketing expert with more than 10 years of experience being involved in a wide range of projects. At Modeshift she manages all marketing activities and the company's online presence.