The Modeshift CAD & AVL Systems: Public Transit Running Smoothly

The Modeshift CAD & AVL Systems: Public Transit Running Smoothly

At the heart of every transit business lies impeccable organization. To deliver on-time performance and make sure all processes are handled efficiently, we developed a set of tools that synchronize the way transit agency staff and management interact. Let us introduce you to the Modeshift CAD & AVL systems!

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What is AVL? What is CAD?

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is a system based on GPS devices that are installed onboard public transit vehicles. They transmit data in real time via LTE/3G technology so that the current location is recorded in a database as the vehicle moves along its route. Updates can be scheduled at different time intervals – from seconds to minutes, depending on the desired level of accuracy of the system.

Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) is a system that helps transit agency personnel – mostly dispatchers and operators, create and update schedules to manage headways for all vehicles in their fleet. It can also help with real-time rerouting in case of an accident.

An integrated solution that can be handled from one panel

Modeshift offers its CAD & AVL system upon request as part of its overarching fare collection product. As Modeshift’s solution is hardware-agnostic, AVL modules can be installed within the vehicle’s mainframe, its validators (if available), or even on a smartphone within the bus. Modeshift’s system is unique in that we use one single device for both automatic fare collection and CAD/AVL. The device provides an extremely accurate GPS location and connectivity via LTE with offline functionality. If a customer doesn’t want to use the devices we provide (if they have their own, for example), we can utilize a standard MDT (mobile data terminal).

The reliable data stream provided by the AVL modules is synchronized in real time with the CAD panel in the back end. This gives dispatchers an overview of the OTP (on-time performance) of the vehicles in real time – whether they are on time, behind or ahead of schedule. The CAD panel gives granular control over each shift, driver, route and vehicle, making running the agency’s day-to-day business easier than ever and ensuring headways are managed to the minute.

Main features of the Modeshift CAD & AVL systems

  • Service days
  • Route information: supports route pattern
  • Stops: time and flag
  • Blocks
  • Runs and run pick
  • Book out, scheduling
  • Precise vehicle location
  • OTP

Your real-time tool to create schedules, calendars, routes and more: plan for truly effective transit operations

Modeshift’s intuitive backend panel is built to serve the needs of dispatchers, bus operators and other personnel with access. From building the inventory to planning every last minute of service – everything is managed synergistically and is presented in an easy-to-digest interface that uses color to differentiate between separate runs and routes, for example. The system can’t obliterate service delays but it can help staff manage them so riders are not left waiting at bus shelters forever. With the help of Modeshitf’s tool, you can also monitor vehicle health, manage whole blocks, receive reports on real-time vehicle occupancy, and more.

Fully integrated with Modeshift Fare Collection and Reports: you can have everything at a glance, in a single product

At the end of the day, CAD and AVL systems are not autonomous – they serve the larger purpose of creating a better public transit experience. Developing them as part of our all-in-one approach to running a transit business allowed us to create a system that runs truly smoothly. This means not only that all operations are managed effectively, but also that reporting is as accurate as possible, being an integral part of the system itself.

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