About Modeshift

We help transit agencies modernize their fare and data collection infrastructure to improve efficiency, as well as their user-facing technology to provide better, sustainability-oriented service and increase ridership. 

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Modeshift Inc. is a United States-based corporation headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional offices across the country and internationally. Our path started in 2017 as part of a big system integrator – Telelink with a presence in 10 countries and annual revenue of over $100M. A few years later Modeshift was also backed by Urban Impact Ventures.

Modeshift’s mission is to provide easy to implement and operate smart technology solutions to the public transportation sector. Our core product is a comprehensive urban mobility infrastructure based on the Microsoft Azure cloud and delivered as a service (Software as a Service – SaaS), that has all the components of a modern and advanced smart transit platform: Automated Account-based Fare Collection, Mobile ticketing, RTPI, EMV open-loop payments, CAD/AVL integration, Hardware, and powerful Analytics.

It was evident to us that the smart city vendors were focused on the needs of the big cities and did not have a relevant approach to address the specific challenges of small and mid-sized rural communities. We were thrilled with the idea that we could fill this gap and make an impact by improving the ease of use of public transit in the “everyday sized” cities around the world. The architecture design and build of our cloud-based solution followed. The idea attracted a strong team of experts. Furthermore, we have the support of Microsoft and utilizing their Azure toolset helped us achieve within less than two years our goal. In 2018, we started adding new customers and enhanced functionality, the user interface, and reporting for our system, based on operational feedback.

We currently have 30+ implementations in cities with populations between 50,000 and 2,000,000+ people. Our experienced team of 40 people with a combined transit experience of more than 240 years have already changed the way people commute in more than 30 cities in the US and 2 EU countries.


Miroslav Katsarov


Miroslav is a great motivator, consensus builder, and a big-picture thinker, leading a team of 40 people with combined transit experience of more than 240 years. His expertise and background include business strategy, business planning, telecommunications, managing system integrations, security and automation business units. Miroslav’s interests are entrepreneurship, start-ups, talent scouting and development.

Margaret Clouston


Maggie Clouston holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Modeshift, where she oversees the go-to-market (GTM) organization. This includes sales, product development, partnership and alliance initiatives, marketing strategies, service delivery, and industry-specific GTM projects. With over two decades of leadership experience in driving client expansion, evolving business models, fostering partner ecosystems, and ensuring customer success, Maggie will play a vital role in propelling Modeshift's growth to the next level.

Pavel Iliev


Pavel is an IT expert with over 20 years of experience in product development in various verticals including developer productivity, content management systems, and personal finance. He was responsible for products included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant with multi-million dollar revenue. Before joining Modeshift he was the Executive VP of Engineering in one of the biggest companies in Europe which also debuted in the US - Progress (NASDAQ:PRGS).

Konstantin Spasov

VP of Business Development

Konstantin is an experienced product and business development professional with vast experience in building revenue systems, having been involved with such initiatives on three continents. His experience spreads from e-commerce and healthcare (for USA, SEA - Malaysia, and Singapore) to mobility as a service (USA and Europe).

Denzil Nedd

Chief Operating Officer

Denzil is an experienced, passionate and motivated professional. His 20 years of experience incorporates senior leadership and management roles within Information Technology, Transportation and Transit sectors where he gained his experience in successfully delivering IT, operations, project delivery, relationship management and sales. Previously Denzil served as а Technology Sales Executive where he was responsible for managing sales and relationships of new and existing transit agencies within Canada.

Borislav Gorov

VP of Sales, Europe

Borislav is a results-driven professional with technical skills in strategic selling, building long-term C-level relationships, multi-account management, management of complex projects, and budget control. He is also well-versed in strategic team management and business development. Borislav has extensive technology expertise in product development and services delivery with more than 8 years of experience in Central and Eastern Europe.