A New Breed of Smart Urban Mobility: The Only All-In-One Digital Mobility Infrastructure

We help transit agencies modernize their fare and data collection infrastructure, as well as their end user technology - to improve efficiency and provide sustainable service.

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Trusted by more than 30 agencies in the USA and Europe

Modeshift is a US company that provides the transit industry with the tools to reduce their carbon emissions and aim for sustainability.

Discover the convenience of having a complete mobility platform with only one device

Give riders mobile and open-loop EMV payments, real-time information and trip planning – to improve access to public transit.

We are impressed by the fluent and simple user interface of the mobile application. It supports all fare modes and now citizens can easily buy tickets on the go!
Marcel Tanasescu General Manager RAT
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Enjoy faster deployment and disruptive pricing

Modeshift can deploy its system remotely, up to 5 times faster than competitors: no expensive on-prem servers, only one device to install. Our secure, cloud-based infrastructure cuts deployment expenses significantly and allows for SaaS payments to fit the needs of cities of all sizes.

Introduce contactless EMV® payments to your riders

EMV® payments, supported by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Applе Pay and Google Pay, are a robust alternative to cash that can be adopted by more than half of your riders (they are already using it for the essentials: at the grocery, in retail stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, etc).

EMV® payments are secure and reliable, and can help reduce operational costs and cash handling.

Currently, transit is an untapped opportunity – we’re on a mission to change that.

Get better adoption rates and as a result - an increased fare collection ratio

99% of RRTA public transit users migrated to the new system by week 4 after launch and prefer contactless payments for fares.

Lancaster, PA, Red Rose Transit Authority

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Looking for a complete & ready-to-use transit solution?

Modeshift is the only single-vendor, end-to-end urban mobility solution on the market. Up to 5 vendors need to integrate to achieve what we have out of the box.

Make data-driven decisions for every aspect of public transit to achieve sustainability

Optimize the system based on real-time insights & save valuable resources. With a dedicated CO2 emissions reduction dashboard, you are one step closer to achieving your city’s sustainability goals.

Now that we have implemented the system, we are enjoying the benefits – easy bus schedule preparation, control and on-line monitoring of the vehicles and schedule adherence, full control on ticket revenue, real-time passenger information and many other features that we are planning to offer to the citizens, using the valuable data we have in the platform.
Adrian Mocioniu Mayor
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CO2 emissions reduction dashboard

Collect real-time data and act to achieve carbon neutrality with the help of all riders. The CO2 dashboard will show the sum of all carbon emissions saved by choosing public transit over personal vehicles.

Create a seamless user experience

Getting from A to B is now easy. Make public transit the preferred method of transportation in your city and engage them in the fight against climate change.

The most important result of the implementation of the system in our city in 2019 was the improved customer experience. We witnessed a significant increase of the satisfaction of passengers and a trend of rising public transit usage.
Titan Vasile Chief of Public Services
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Want a new transit system in just a few months?

Our Deployment Time Calculator will give you an estimate in less than a minute.

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