Set your city
in motion

Build the city of tomorrow for people to experience today. Bring smart urban mobility to your citizens with Modeshift Smart Public Transport

Citizen-centric Smart Public Transport 

Real-time Passenger Information

Get all the travel and schedule information you need. Anywhere, anytime. Real-time. Plan your trip, based on preferred route, fare, or traffic conditions.

Smart Ticketing

Access all services you need and manage your trip on the go. Get your tickets on your mobile. Use the best fares and the most convenient routes, hassle-free.


Design seamless travel experience with public transport, bike rentals, car sharing, taxi, and on-demand services. Hop on and off with just one ticket.

Smart Mobility as the Backbone of Smart Cities


With our intuitive back office portal, you monitor traffic, manage operations, and analyze performance. You configure reports to track your fleet, optimize schedules and routes, assess fares and revenues, and monitor vehicles and personnel.

Combine legacy equipment with modern technology

Combine your existing setup with our modern equipment and platform. Enable passengers to use mobile phones, QR codes, NFC, or paper tickets.

No IT expertise required

Modeshift takes care of all components, maintenance, operations, and infrastructure. Rely on Microsoft Azure for all your infrastructure needs. Have full control over data and processes without the day-to-day IT woes.

Security and privacy by design

Data is securely stored and processed in accordance with security best practices. Granular permissions allow fine-grained access to the system. Passenger data is protected according to GDPR.

Fast to deploy

Get a fully functional demo within a week. Integrate and onboard with Modeshift in 3 months. Add functionalities on the go.

Mobile experience

Free of charge city transport mobile app gives passengers access to all relevant information and services such as planning routes, purchasing tickets, renewing subscriptions, and live traffic updates.

Zero initial investment

Choose investment or subscription model. No upfront payment required – we help with financing for equipment or services. Cover your costs with savings and increased revenue from day one.

In the box

Modeshift Smart Public Transport Components 

City transport app and portal

Account-based ticketing

Real-time passenger information (RTPI)

Validators and on-board computers

Automatic vehicle location (AVL)

Inspector and field-service apps

Reseller software and equipment

Ticket vending machines (TVMs)

3rd party integrations

Immediate Benefits 

  1. Tailored to the needs of the medium-sized city
  2. Increase passenger satisfaction and enhance city image
  3. Increase fare collection with fraud-detection algorithms 
  4. Optimize operational costs with data-driven decisions
  5. Enable demand-responsive transport services 
  6. Use all modes of transportation with a single ticket
  7. Partner with urban on-demand services and inter-city operators
  8. Be part of a community of smart cities around the globe

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